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İzcan Copper

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Copper Sheet

Copper Plate is ready by pouring copper into liquid sheet molds, crushing them in rollers and then annealing. It can be used in Electrical Industry, Roofing Grounding areas. Grounding Plate is produced in accordance with TSE Standards as annealed, semi-hard and hard. In addition, our products are produced in desired thickness and dimensions apart from standard sizes.


Copper Flat

Our own production of copper lama, copper rods, copper strip lama, transmission rods and ground rods are compatible with TS 435 and TS EN 13601 quality standtart, and manufacturing in copper bars in desired sizes. Our Copper Bars are produced with the Outokumpu drawing system.


Copper pipe

The draft pipe produced from DHP-Cu Billets is cold drawn in two passes on the machines, depending on the final product size, the pipe is drawn in different passes in the Spinner Block machine. According to the order, production can be done in desired sizes.

Copper Pipe is very efficient especially for heating systems and natural gas pipes thanks to its high thermal conductivity, low expansion property and pressure resistance. Since copper is a corrosion resistant material, it is also used very easily in construction.

Wire Copper

Flat wire, which is completely our own production, is produced from electrolytic copper and silver alloy copper wire rods using drawing, crushing or crushing-drawing methods. Our copper wires comply with TS EN 13602 quality standards.

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